Q&A Punta de Mita Yacht Charters

Questions and Answers about Punta De Mita Yacht Charters 

Frequently asked questions and policy for our Yacht charters in Punta Mita, Mexico 

Do all Punta De Mita Yacht charters include food and drinks?
It depends on which boat you choose some charters have set menu's others you can have custom meals or even your own chef contact us for more info 

Can we rent a private Yacht charter in Punta De Mita? 
Yes We offer private Yacht and Catamaran charters you can see all of our luxury yachts here Punta Mita Yacht Charters 

Do you offer Bareboat charter rentals? 
No We only offer Punta De Mita Yacht charter rentals with Our Captains 

What is required to confirm My Punta De Mita Yacht charter? 
A $350 to $2,500 USD deposit is required to confirm your Punta Mita charter. The amount of deposit depends on which boat Contact us for deposit amounts 

 Are deposits refundable? 
All deposits are non refundable but can be transferred to a future date if cancelled 2 weeks in advance of your charter date. 

What is the bad weather policy? 
Charters go out rain or shine unless it is dangerous and the port closes. If the port does not close all deposits are non refundable. If the port does close and we cannot reschedule we will refund your deposit - 3% processing fee by Paypal. 

When is my balance due for my Punta De Mita boat charter? 
The balance is due the day of your charter in cash 

Is the remaining balance for my charter due in cash? 
Yes the balance is due in cash the day of your charter unless previously agreed otherwise. 

Can We pay for our charter with credit card? 
Yes We have the option you can pay online with credit card but all credit card payments must be requested by email and paid at least 72 hrs prior to charter extra charges will apply. Other wise your charter balance is due the day of your charter in cash (credit card payments will not be accepted the day of your charter) 

How many people can I have on my private yacht charter? 
We offer boats for 1 to 60 people depending on which yacht or catamaran you choose you can see all yacht charters here Punta Mita yacht charters 

Can I bring Alcohol aboard? 
Yes you can bring whatever beverages you like 

Will there be life jackets aboard my charter boat? 
Yes We have life jackets aboard all yachts, and Catamarans. 

What is the biggest yacht charter for rent in Punta De Mita? 
Our biggest yacht We offer is 120 ft and is for up to 40 people.  See Yacht Charter

How far in advance should I reserve my Punta Mita Yacht charter? 
You can normally reserve a few weeks in advance and be fine but during holidays especially for the bigger yachts you will normally need to reserve a few months in advance sometimes more for
Christmas and New years.